Commemorating the First World War

At eleven o’clock on Sunday, Britain will fall silent to commemorate the millions of men and women who have been lost to war. These deeply moving and inspiring titles, published for the centenary of the First World War, are a way to reverently honour the fallen at this time of remembrance.

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From the military chaplain who died saving the life of another to the Pope who fought valiantly for peace in a war-torn world, these booklets tell of the great sacrifices made by ordinary people to help keep the light of faith shining. Inspirational stories of courage, faith and forgiveness, they bring the powerful witness of the wartime faithful in to the modern day.

Benedict XV & World War I, by Fr Ashley Beck

Fr Willie Doyle & World War I by K. V. Turley

and Stories of World War I by Raymond Edwards (ed.)

are all available now for only £2.50 each.

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“You don’t often hear the experiences of the everyday faithful who endured the gruelling years of World War I. This collection of testimonies illustrates how the Faith was lived with hope and constancy, often to the point of heroism!”
Christine – CTS Reader

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