Celebrate the canonisation by praying to the two new saints

Saints John Paul II & John XXIII Prayer Book

On the day after the Church has canonised John Paul II and John XXIII we talked to writer and broadcaster Joanna Bogle about the special prayer book to the two new saints she compiled, bringing together prayers they prayed, prayers to them and more.

CTSCompass: What inspired you to work on this project?

Joanna Bogle: The canonisation was one of the great events in the history of the Catholic Church. Two great Popes of the 20th century being canonised in the second decade of the 21st.

CTSCompass: What do you think was so special about these two men?

Joanna Bogle: They were men of extraordinary faith, who shaped the mission of the Church at a significant point in history, facing the massive challenges of the nuclear era, the Cold War, the explosion in mass communication, the swift and vast expansion of the Church in Africa and Asia, and more.

We should take time out to rejoice and celebrate their canonisation, and deepen our prayer-lives in order to share fully in what the Church is saying to us at this time.

CTSCompass: Is that how you would explain why you put this prayer book together?

Joanna Bogle: Exactly. I would like this little book to be something to cherish and keep as a memento of this extraordinary time.

Here is an extract of the St John XXIII and St John Paul II Prayer Book which is available from CTS, priced £2.50.

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