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The Cover for Paul VI CTS biography

This coming Sunday, Pope Paul VI will be beatified by his successor Pope Francis.

Doubtless there will be much discussion, about the timing of the beatification in relation to the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, of the achievements of his pontificate and these tend to focus on a few big events. How he brought the Second Vatican Council to a close after the death of his predecessor blessed John XXIII, or how he prophetically defended the Church’s ban on the use of artificial contraception.

To look only at these big moments can however lead to a picture of this man that is somehow out of focus. As Fr Anthony Symondson SJ’s CTS biography shows, he was a deeply modest man, a man of intense personal holiness who shunned the pomp of his office and spent his life serving the Church and the world.

As you can read in the extract below, he was the son of a northern Italian newspaper editor, who was heavily influenced by the Oratorians and as the text goes on to show he suffered spiritually in his desire to be faithful to the Church’s teaching and to his position as its guardian.

Blessed Paul VI, pray for us.

Paul VI by Fr Anthony Symondson , SJ is available now from CTS, priced £2.50. Read an extract below.

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