Bishop Arthur Roche speaks on the use of music in the new Mass

Chairman of ICEL Bishop Arthur Roche of Leeds has called the new translation of the Mass one of the most significant moments for the English-speaking Church since the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church in 1992.

Speaking to the Catholic Communications Network, he covered many subjects including the beauty of the language and the process of working with so many bishops in far-off lands. The interview is focused in large part on music however. He said:

“Composers who have set this new translation to music have said it is much more rhythmical. In the third edition of the Latin Roman Missal there is much more music, for the people as well as for the priest. I’m going to ask everyone in my diocese from September, to start singing the musical versions found in the new missal, of the Sanctus, the Agnus Dei and the Gloria. When you sing something it becomes more memorable, so we can use them at any celebration.”

He also gave some history of the Mass in English since Vatican II, and looked at the translation process.  In his closing comments, he states that he hoped Mass-goers would realise that when they attended,

“They were entering into a reality which is taking place in Heaven as well as here on earth.”

Music has that ability, to transport us somewhere beyond and other than the physical, in a way that words alone somehow fail to do. The Mass is the nearest we can come here on earth to communion with God; it is hoped that this new emphasis on music will bring us a little nearer still.

A double-disk music CD, And with your spirit that demonstrates how to sing the musical settings accompanying the new English translation of the Mass is now available from CTS.

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