Biscuits and Seeking Goodness

biscuitI was once offered a biscuit by a stranger.

It was such a lovely gesture.
The stranger was a mother, who had just finished sharing out a set of biscuits to her husband and four children, including a teen or two, all of whom ate their bit.

She then turned right round and very thoughtfully offered portions to me, my wife, and my little children.
Caught off-guard, we politely refused, though we all like biscuits.

You see, this happened at Mass, during the Kiss of Peace, just moments before Communion. There was nothing more to the interchange than that.

Over the years, since that little happenstance, I’ve thought about it now and then.
Now, some 15 years later, it reminds me of two things:Biscuits and Seeking Goodness

  1. There are so many good people out there; in here, in the pews and not in pews, or not often in the pews. People who genuinely want to do well, live well, and seek to do kindnesses to others rather than harm.
  1. There are so many places where loving guidance, loving encouragement, and loving effort towards the often-unexpected blessings of truth will lift up such good-natured people.

Lift them up to understandings, joys, and comforts in their struggles.
Lift them up to become more a working of grace, more able to love, less likely to fall and fail.

Less likely to miss the myriad of the small beautiful acts of love for our dear Jesus that the Church leads us to do and ever attend to – little, constant renewals of devoted affection for Him, our special One. Small things, like the fast before receiving Him in Holy Communion.

I’ve found that lots of people really want to give goodness and receive it. To get closer to joy. Real joy. And my deepest, surpassing love in a life of ministry is to give truth gently.

That work is possible because I have learned to lean. I lean into the gift of Truth that God preserved for me, to get fully and to give fully.
I lean into the Catholic Church, full of sinners like me, and by grace, full of Truth.


A Catholic Catechism is a radical act that is rather unorthodox these days; any days really.
The important thing is to read it in small portions and with a special thought of expectancy.

Expect it to help, to help a middle-aged average fellow like me, to help good people with biscuits to share, to help you because God knows you; every need and hope your heart will ever have.

I want to invite you to step towards that gift. Do it by pushing away all the opinions and commentary for a while. Just go to the best single source to get that clear, beautifully challenging, surpassingly helpful truth. Go get a Catechism.


Catechism covers (no background)
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