Benedict XVI Proclaims Christ


With the publication of Pope Benedict XVI’s book, Jesus of Nazareth part two just four days away, Fr Joseph Evans, chaplain of King’s College London, points out that it is much more than an academic study of the figure of Jesus.

God made man

What is refreshing about this new work is that it is a good straightforward proclamation of Jesus Christ.

At a time when so many Christian leaders seem afraid to present Jesus as the one saviour of the world, Pope Benedict has no hesitation in doing so. But he does so as part of a dialogue he offers, proposes Christ, he does not impose him.

Like the first volume, this new book is above all the Pope’s own search for the face of Jesus, inviting us to join him in this search to discover Jesus as the one Saviour of mankind, as truly God made man.

But a God who comes to us gently, who invites, who does not force.  Indeed, a God who is prepared to suffer for us and instead of us.

Fr Joseph Evans is Roman Catholic chaplain to King’s College London and the Institute of Education, and chaplain to Netherhall House.

You can pre-order the book and read all the pre-publication extracts here.


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