Archbishop of Westminster helps launch new World Youth Day booklet from CTS

World Youth Day - Inspiring Generations

At an event at the Centre for Youth Ministries in Oxford UK earlier this week, a new booklet for young people was presented by one of its authors James Kelliher.

With World Youth Day just around the corner, many young people around the United Kingdom are waiting in great anticipation to see Pope Francis at this year’s event which takes place in Rio. One of these young people, James Kelliher, happens to be currently living in Brazil and volunteering in the offices of the World Youth Day organisers.

Alongside all the internal and external offices communications, general office admin, and networking linked to World Youth Day, James has also been working on this new booklet containing stories and testimonies of pilgrim’s experiences at World Youth Day in Madrid in 2011. When asked how the idea came about in producing a Catholic Truth Society booklet about World Youth Day, James said:

“Madrid was such an amazing experience for myself and many other young people, I therefore wanted to share these stories with the greater Catholic community. It has been a long process in the making, yet I am really happy with the outcome and hope many will enjoy the read.”

Archbishop Vincent Nichols who happened to write the forward of the booklet and to have endorsed it, was present at the Centre for Youth Ministry on Tuesday evening and congratulated James on his determination and act of faith in putting this resource together.

The 72 page booklet can be ordered directly from CTS, and will be a great resource for all pilgrims preparing for this year’s event as well as those who want to reminisce on what they experienced in Madrid.

Read an extract of, and order World Youth Day – Inspiring Generations, by James Kelliher, Paula Mendez and Jo-Anne Rowney from CTS priced £2.50.

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