A TV interview for CTS at IEC 2012

Marketing Manager Richard Brown Being interviewed by Salt and Light TV

The International Eucharistic Congress took place in Dublin Ireland and there was interest from around the world.

Speakers and pilgrims came from across the globe.

On the morning of June 12th, a North American TV station came to talk to CTS. Our marketing manager Richard Brown (pictured) had an impromptu interview with the Canadian Catholic channel Salt and Light TV.

They came to stand 66 asking about our titles, the history of the Society, and the future.

The interview focused on why we came to the Congress, the answer to that question being that we hope to get CTS resources into Irish parishes, to help the Irish  faithful to grow in faith.

There was also talk of more work for us to do in Canada itself, so if you are from across the pond, watch this space.

Here is the interview, go to 12 minutes in.

Do get in touch went to the IEC.

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