A glowing review for the CTS booklet on the sex abuse crisis

The Faith Movement was founded in 1972. It aims to “offer a new synthesis of science and the Catholic faith as proclaimed by the Church’s teaching authority (Magisterium)”.

As part of that work, they publish a magazine and online articles and reviews. They recently reviewed The Catholic Church and the sex abuse crisis from CTS, and were full of praise.

The review begins:

“Few issues are as continually being put before us as the tragic clerical sex abuse crisis that has ravaged the Catholic Church in recent decades. As a consequence there is no need to explain either the importance or relevance of the topic of this CTS booklet. What does need to be commented on, however, is the impressive ability of this booklet to do justice to this topic in just 70 small pages.”

It draws attention to the efforts made by the author, to present the moral, psychological and pastoral facets of the problem, while not alienating the lay reader. All in order that this tragedy of sexual abuse that has struck the Church should not happen again.

You can read the rest here.

The Catholic Church and the sex abuse crisis is available from the CTS priced £2.50

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Safeguarding with Confidence – The Cumberlege Commission believes that much progress has been made since Lord Nolan reported, and that the Church is now a safer place; however, it states that there remains room for improvement, and this report makes a number of recommendations
Priest, Minister of Divine Mercy – This document from the Congregation for the Clergy is a call to rediscover the indispensible value of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and of Spiritual direction, as the vital tools needed for all Christians to answer the call to holiness.

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