7 billion people on the planet – What does the Catholic Church say?

A new Science and Faith foundation has just been established by the Holy Father.

In reporting the announcement, it was noted:

“This Project, which resulted from the studies of the Galileo Galilei Commission, was created by John Paul II in 2003. During its existence it has promoted dialogue between theology, philosophy and the natural sciences, through cultural study, research and public activities.”

CTS has recently produced several booklets in this important area, on Galileo, Darwin and others, which have attempted to correct the erroneous view that science and faith are antithetical to one another.

With the Year of Faith also imminent, now seems a perfect time to look at how the Catholic Church dialogues with the scientific community, and one of the areas in which the two sometimes come into conflict is in the vital field of population.

The population of the world recently climbed to 7 billion, prompting debates on resources, and some calls for a global population control plan.

In a new booklet from CTS, Population and the Planet – of which you can read an extract below – London School of Economics lecturer Dr Dermot Grenham presents the history of the debate and the Catholic Church’s position. We hope it will spark the interest of those who wish to know the Church’s view and arm Catholics with answers to the most common questions.

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Cloning – Anthony McCarthy sets out the scientific background to cloning, explains the Church’s teaching, and examines secular arguments for and against human cloning.

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