10 books for your summer reading list

Whether at the seaside, in the mountains, on a pilgrimage or on an urban holiday, summer is always a good time to have a fine book at hand! But where to begin with your reading list?

We know the great offers that are out there, and at the same time we understand the desire to not waste time reading books that are not-so-good. So, I have asked CTS staff about their favourite CTS titles, and here is our top 10 to include in your summer reading list!

1. The Jesus Prayer
cover Jesus Prayer

It is customary in Orthodoxy, as in Western Christianity, to distinguish three levels of prayer: of the lips, of the mind, and of the heart. This threefold distinction applies in particular to the Jesus Prayer.
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2. Finding God in Doubt & Disbelief
cover finding God

Nick Donnelly presents a sensitive exploration of the things that can lead to doubt and disbelief, and offers real hope. Drawing on Sacred Scripture, 2,000 years of Christian living, the wisdom of women and men who overcame doubt, as well as his own experiences, he provides comfort and support to help Christians grow closer to God during times of uncertainty and distrust.
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3. Catechism of the Catholic Church
covers CCC

25 years ago the Catechism was launched to wide acclaim across the Catholic World. It is now considered one of the greatest achievements of the extraordinary pontificate of St John Paul II. A new CTS edition of that text was recently launched at one of Britain’s newest and most exciting institutes of Catholic Education.
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4. J. R. R. Tolkien
cover Tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien was also a world-renowned scholar of ancient language, who married the childhood sweetheart who inspired his stories, and was father to four children.He was also a devout Catholic whose faith was central to his writing. This booklet shows how an orphan from Birmingham came to write books that forever changed the way we read.

5. Maria Goretti
cover Maria Goretti

In 1970 a Capuchin lay brother died in Macerata. Among his belongings was his testimony in which he said he had been saved by the forgiveness of a saint. The saint was Maria Goretti, canonised in 1950, and the lay brother, Alessandro Serenelli, was her murderer.
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6. A-Z of Spiritual Living
cover spiritual living

Whether you are a Catholic, or of another faith, or you consider yourself to be ‘spiritual but not religious’, this practical resource is a rich source for reflection. The suggestion given at the end of each section will help each reader to explore their own spirituality: to find it, experience it, help it to grow, and above all to live it.

7. Practising the Presence of God
cover Presence of God

This humble Carmelite lay brother became a light in the turmoil that gripped the Europe of his day. However it is not only his life and times that enrapture us, but his great attraction to God’s love combined with his method of prayer. As he put it himself: the holiest, most ordinary, and most necessary practice in the spiritual life is that of the presence of God.

8. Words of Wisdom from the Church Fathers
cover Church Fathers

In the history of Christianity, the age of the apostles gave way to the age of the Church Fathers – which is the hinge connecting the New Testament era to the rest of Christian history. But who are the Church Fathers? And what, if anything, can they teach us today?

9. Our Lady Untier of Knots
cover Untier of Knots

During his studies in Germany, Pope Francis encountered a local devotion centred on an image of Our Lady in the Church of St Peter in Augsburg. Many had come to pray with seemingly irresolvable family and marriage problems and had been helped.

10. Praying for Priests with St Thérèse of Lisieuxcover praying for the priests

Saint Thérèse prayed for priests out of love for them and for the souls they touch. We can share with Thérèse in this work of prayer, praying a special Novena for priests, including excerpts of her correspondence with missionary priests.


…what is in your summer reading list? What is your favourite CTS title? Let us know!



Ps: remember that now you can bring as many CTS books as you want on holiday with you, without weighing on the suitcase! How? Hundreds of our old and new titles are now available to download as ebooks!



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